Ecological printing

We have been working with recycled paper since 2005 and systematically offer it to all our customers.

Digital or offset, depending on the projects

Mardigrafe offers you the best of both worlds by offering digital printing for short runs and tight deadlines and offset printing for large quantities or big prints. Our digital press provides an almost offset printing quality on papers with weights ranging from 65 to 350 g/m² (from thin “text” papers to coverboards up to 20 pts thick). Color calibration and double-sided registration are performed by spectrophotometer, ensuring faithful reproduction from the first to the last sheet. A variety of finishing options are possible. Quality printing, environmentally friendly papers, careful craftsmanship, short lead times, print on demand, printing technology tailored to your needs.

Ecology, a constant battle

The majority of inks currently used in offset release more or almost no more volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and that Heavy metals used as desiccants (promoting faster drying) are regulated. There are even “green” inks, developed here in Quebec. Toners for their part are polymers that are easy to separate from the paper during the deinking process.

What does “ecological printing” mean, concretely?

Paper, always!

The key environmental factor is still the choice of paper and – even more so – its manufacturing process. It is not enough for paper to be made from recycled fiber: the entire manufacturing process must be environmentally friendly. In a nutshell, the plant must be green, must not discharge its wastewater without first treating it, must not use chlorine to bleach the paper, and must be supplied with Green energy.

The rule of proximity

The other important aspect is the proximity of the suppliers. Transportation is one of the most polluting sectors of activity. “Buy local” is more important than one might suspect to clean up our carbon footprint. If you really want to reduce your ecological footprint, you have to consider transportation.

You can find more information about our environmental practices by clicking here!

Large format digital outputs

For your conferences or your trade shows, for the walls of your institution, to illuminate your workspaces, think big with large format digital inkjet prints!

You are preparing a congress, an exhibition, a conference. You need larger-than-life images. We are able to print your documents on our latest generation Epson 9900 large format inkjet. Width up to 44 inches, almost unlimited length.

We offer mounting service on a wide variety of rigid supports or lamination with plastic wrap. We can do the enlargement you need on a wide variety of media (glossy or matte paper, canvas, self-adhesive vinyl, backlit film). Finishing according to your needs.

• Murals
• Banners
• Posters
• Exhibition panels
• Retractable banners on reels